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Decor and stepper motor for turntable 4720

digital control for turntable 4720 to 4724
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The turntables can be operated with a digital control panel in DCC or Motorola format. For the digital control of the turntables, the set contains a stepper motor and the appropriate decoder, via an additional switch the turntable calibrates itself automatically at the 1st outlet.

The necessary reverse loop module for the turntable is integrated in the decoder!

This allows you to turn the manual turntables into a motorized version. For the turntables with toothed belt, the appropriate track connection with button is then required so that the automatic calibration run can be made.

If the belt is ordered simultaneously with the turntable, installation is free of charge.
In the documents you will find a PDF with which you can simply specify the track connections you wish to have programmed.

There are many setting options for the various CV values.

Summary of Funktions  

  • DCC NMRA & MM digital operation
  • Compatible NMRA-DCC module
  • Compatible MM-module
  • DCC and MM protocoll
  • 5 reinforced function output
  • 1 engine output for stepper engines
  • Configurable outputs per turntable
  • Configurable steps per unit
  • Switch input for calibration
  • 180°, permanent and short turning
  • Direct segment control possible
  • Slippage control
  • Servo output
  • Function for light signals (A4, A5)
  • Function for flashing lights while turning (A3)
  • Light effects (Neon, Petroleum, etc..)
  • Return unit (10A, short circuit free)
  • Outputs invertable
  • Outputs on- and off fading
  • Function outputs dimmable
  • Reset function for all CV values
  • Easy function mapping
  • adresses, 2048 switch adresses
  • Multiple programming options (Bitwise, CV, POM accessoire decoder, register)
  • Needs no programming load

WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 69511296

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