About us

The "Modellbau-Werkstatt Bertram Heyn e.K." was founded in 1983. It began with architectural models: competition-, work- and presentation models.
Measuring displays, museum and functional models were soon added.
Since 2001, the "Modellbau-Werkstatt Bertram Heyn e.K." has been developing a track system for the gauge G. This was the starting shot for the whole railway program as it currently is in the shop.
Since 2015 we are a recognized training company for the technical model builder.


You can pay via bank transfer.
PAYPAL is also possible!

Vous pouvez payer avec banque transfer.
PAYPAL est aussi possible!

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Wegen des großen Sortiments habe ich nicht alle Artikel auf der Messe dabei.
Bei speziellem Bedarf melden SIe sich bitte vorher bei mir.

Faszination Modellbau
30. 10. - 1.11. 2020
in Friedrichshafen

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